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Is your company involved in using OB Vans, SNG cars and or ENG teams or other ways to do outside registrations?
Registrations such as sports events, news, festivals, business presentations, film shoots?
There are more and more outside registrations with more and more cameras with more and more content to be handled and judged before it can be released. Also in more and more cases immediate checking and editing of material is required.

Edit while ingesting? The ability to ingest and edit material on location with the smallest silent and fastest setup against the best rental price in the shortest time with the highest picture quality is a key decision factor. High picture quality requires high bandwidth. SAN systems deliver the highest bandwidth. These requirements call for an easy, fast and lightweight Ethernet SAN shared storage solution.

Recently Ardis Technologies introduced the microDDP series of Ethernet San shared storage systems. The microDDP series fulfills the requirements mentioned. There are two versions. Each is 1U, 19 inch, 5Kg (11 LBS) and can have 8, 16 or 32 TB raid5 protected SSD (solid state disk) storage.



* 8 SSDs of 1, 2 or 4 TB
* 6x 1GbE / 2x 10GbE / SFP+
* 1U / 11lbs / 5kg
* 11” / 29 cm
* 1000 MB/s
* 80W



* 8 SSDs of 1, 2 or 4 TB
* 2x 1GbE / 2x 10GbE / RJ45
* 1U / 11lbs / 5kg
* 10” / 25,5 cm
* 2200 MB/s
* 80W

*  connectors can be on front or rear of both models

The microDDP1GbE has 6x 1GbE and 2x 10GbE / SFP+ ports built-in and a bandwidth of 1000 MByte/s.
The microDDP10GbE comes with 2x 1GbE and 2x 10GbE / RJ45 ports and has a bandwidth up to 2200 MByte/s. The 10GbE ports can also be used as 1GbE ports. These 25,5 cm (10”) and 29 cm (11,4”) in depth DDPs run the full DDP software package.

SSDs are still perceived to be expensive with limited capacity. Not so long ago however 1TB and 2TB SSD came on the market with prices much better then the prices of fast rotating (10K) spinning disks. SSDs are small, hardly produce heat but most importantly there is no seek time.

So what does this mean for the amount of data, which can be stored and how many users are able to work simultaneously?

7 TB effective capacity is enough to hold 70 hours of ProRes HQ or DNxHD220 video material or approximately 300 hours of DNxHD45 or more than 100 hours of Pro Tools 100 track sessions. The bandwidth of the microDDP1GbE is enough to stream 25 streams of ProResHQ/DNxHD220 or some 100 streams of lower video formats such as DNxHD45 or 15 streams of Red R3D material. The 7 x 1GbE ports can be connected to laptops, desktops and workstations without the necessity of a 1GbE switch. Making it very easy to handle in the field.

Here is an overview of the Stream Count and Capacity in Hours for various video, film and audio formats:

Video/Film Streamcounts

The picture above shows the microDDP10GbE with 14 TB. Ports can be connected to a simple 1 or 1 / 10GbE / RJ45 switch to extend the range of clients connected. The bandwidth of the microDDP10GbE is limited by the summed bandwidth of the Ethernet ports: 2200 MByte/s. This bandwidth is not influenced by video, audio or film format, nor influenced by whether it is streaming, push/pull or IOs.

So if your format is not listed simply divide 2200 by your format to get the number of streams, IOPS, which can be run simultaneously.

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