DDP and Archiware have teamed up to offer DDP with integrated professional Backup to LTO. It was a natural choice for DDP as the leader in Ethernet based production storage to join forces with Archiware, the leader in easy to use professional data management software. Every DDP comes with Archiware P5 pre-installed. The license for P5 Backup is included with the DDP hardware.

Upon request the P5 Backup license will be sent to the customer free of charge and allows backup to LTO using a single tape drive. An unlimited number of tapes can be written. P5 Backup keeps track of all tapes and files written. P5s Backup catalog can be searched and browsed using a web browser. To connect the LTO tape drive to the DDP, a SAS card is required in the DDP. The DDP can be ordered with an already installed SAS card, but is also possible to order the card at a later date and to retrofit the DDP.

As hardware partner Tandberg is the preferred LTO tape drive, tape library and LTO media manufacturer.


Archiware & DDP setup

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 DDPs main window shows an icon for Archiware P5. After activating and entering the license using the P5 setup assistant, the backup can be configured and is up running within minutes including auto detection for LTO drives and libraries.


The resulting backup plan can be modified and includes incremental, full and progressive backup modes. Runs can be automated by scheduling within P5. Multiple tapes can be used sequentially with this license although the tapes must be changed manually. Multiple storage pools can be configured to group tapes. Other Archiware based licenses such as licenses for tape libraries and/or Archive or Synchronize can be used on a separate computer on which the DDP Volume is mounted.

  For additional information on Archiware products visit the Archiware website

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