The High Availability (HA) DDP series are modular Ethernet SAN DDPs.

They consist of a 2U, dual DDP Head and one or more DDPEXR storage arrays connected to the ethernet network via the EXRAID.

In addition certified third party dual raid controlled storage arrays can be connected also.

The dual DDP Head manages AVFS the Ardis Virtual File System. EXRAID and third party storage arrays use iSCSI to manage the data. Failover of the dual DDP Head, EXRAID or third party storage arrays is transparant for both reading and writing for desktops connected to the ethernet network. Other HA DDP advantages are the possibility to do software updates and add storage arrays without down time.

HA DDPseries


The storage arrays can be filled with HD and SSD packs of various capacities. 

Each DDP whether Standalone or High Availability uses AVFS which is the file system and uses Data Locations and Folder Volumes.

AVFS exists separate and independent from Data Locations. Data Locations are Luns holding raw data and Folder Volumes are mountable (sub)directories/folders.

This way file data can be cached, balanced, moved, copied and consolidated between Data Locations plus any storage can be added without affecting the directory/folder structure.

Persons designated as administrator can control these task manually or tasks can be automated based on folder and file type, file time stamp and file usage.

To get the highest performance and reliability against the best price it is advisable to equip a DDP with tiers such as an SSD pack as cache and different pack’s of HD’s for load balancing.

The High Availability Scale Out DDP received a Product of the Year Award at NAB 2019.


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