DDP Cluster breaks the boundaries of scale out shared storage solutions


Dynamic Drive Pool by Ardis Technologies presents its scale out heterogeneous DDP Cluster with one namespace


Arnhem, April 12, 2017. The Dutch manufacturer Ardis Technologies will present the new software version of its DDP Ethernet SAN shared storage solutions. With DDPs heterogeneous scale out cluster, DDP nodes can be “Here, There and Elsewhere” across different geographic locations and within one namespace. Desktop clients have parallel data access to the cluster DDP nodes. With DDP’s Instant Replication feature, a cluster of two DDPs can be used as a real-time Mirror whereby clients write their data simultaneously to both DDPs.

File based SSD caching and load balancing is now expanded so it can be used across multiple nodes within a DDP cluster. Storage (HDDs, SSDs, and DDP Expansion Chassis as well as Standalone DDPs and DDP Head units) can be added or removed on the fly in the back-end without changing the front-end. The shared file system is independent from the locations where the media is stored; in this way media can be moved around (copied, transferred or consolidated), without changes in the directory/folder structure and is transparent to operators.

Individual DDP cluster nodes can be distributed over the network across separate physical and geographic locations while remaining within the DDP cluster. If necessary, a single DDP server can be removed from a cluster, used as a standalone device elsewhere, and after finishing the job rejoin the cluster with all new media being available immediately. Both capacity and bandwidth scales linearly when equally equipped DDPs are added.

DDP Dynamic Drive Pool by Ardis Technologies will exhibit this DDP Cluster all over the world.

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